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This month was kind of challenging, the panic, and fear of COVID-19, we continued to power through.

It’s the end of the first quarter, I reflected on how I have spent it. I will say I am impressed with my progress so far though mostly my weightloss journey, few changes here and there mostly with my stomach.

The few goals I set for this month were;

  • Save 50% of my income
  • Renew gym membership (I did but was cut short because of Coro)
  • Workout 6 days a week
  • Complete these books:

— Good morning Holy Spirit

— The art of living(please read)

— For women only (I enjoyed this as well)

  • Personal study (1 hour 5 days a week) work-related.
  • Write this review (yup)
  • write 2 articles
  • Participate properly this lent period (for Catholics)

Achieved Goals

I was able to save up to 70%, for some reason.

I renewed my gym membership, I have two awesome coaches who are determined to help me get to my goals. Although it was cut short because of Coronavirus. About the 5kg we didn’t reach this goal, but we shed some weight, my clothes can testify!🕺🕺. We also nailed the workout 6 days a week, it’s now a lifestyle.

Reading has a mood and it takes a lot of discipline people, some days you just want to be on your phone, gist, eat and sleep. I have to keep myself accountable, give this update, and grow as a person. I didn’t take this seriously. I will do better. I studied a few times in the mornings. At night, I try to read one of the books I have selected for the month giving it at least an hour before I say good night. I completed the selected books for the month though.

Writing this review? I actually look forward to it. It is part of my motivation, I would not want it to be empty, neither would I want to lie, it makes me try my best to tick off my goals. Thanks for reading 😇.

I was able to write two short articles, these are the links to them:

Lent! I am a catholic by birth and now by choice. During the lent period, we fast for 40days. It’s still ongoing, we will conclude it on good Friday, but I skipped the first 6 days due to laziness, the good thing is remaining 34days I killed/killing it😂.

I am also killing the nail-biting-ish, we are two months old today🍻.


Q1 was good, I know I can do better if I put in more work in Q2, mostly in my career, personal relationship with God, checking up on loved ones, eating healthier, having more fun, helping out more people in the areas I am sufficient, being more expressive, being more intentional, studying harder, writing more, traveling, attending workshops and conferences, watching movies, more TikTok, starting a vlog🌞.

All these listed above are the few things I will work on while ticking off other goals.


PS: We shall overcome, let’s stay safe while fighting the virus.

Thanks for reading, you can read other write-ups here

Originally published at on April 1, 2020.



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